Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand" Reimagined as Dr. Seuss Book

Nick Cave's 'Red Right Hand' Reimagined as Dr. Seuss Book
An Australian artist may have Seussaphiles and Bad Seeds fans feeling awestruck, as the whimsy of Dr. Seuss has been mashed together with the eerie narrative to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' 1994 single "Red Right Hand." Melbourne-based DrFaustusAU has uploaded a series of inspired layouts to Deviant Art worthy of a Random House reprint.

The illustrator has taken Cave's lines from the Let Love In single and drawn up fantabulous backdrops for them to co-mingle. Having mastered the art style of one Theodor Geisel, he draws a cutesy but creepy version of the red-handed weasel.

With lyrics inspired by a passage from Paradise Lost, we see someone wandering away from Whoville, but at what cost? Of course, he meets up with a "tall handsome man, in a dusky black coat with a red right hand."

Further mixing the art of two favourites we know, the rest of the story can be found down below.

Honestly, it's a whole lot of fun. DrFaustusAU has also whipped up a series of other similarly styled images that spoof movies like The Exorcist and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and he's also merged Dr. Seuss aesthetics' with Dr. Who. You'll find all of the work over here.