Nick Cave Drops Soundtrack for Bunny Munro

Nick Cave Drops Soundtrack for <i>Bunny Munro</i>
With The Death of Bunny Munro just about to hit stores, post-punk icon Nick Cave has his promotional game at full blast. First, he announced some book signings in Toronto and Ottawa, and now Cave has dropped an iPhone app featuring a soundtrack for the book.

The soundtrack comes bundled with the audio version of the book, Cave's first literary work in 20 years, and is currently available at Apple's App Store. The music was composed by Cave with his long-time writing partner Warren Ellis.

In a press release, Cave explained that the interactive nature of the iPhone app enhances the overall experience of the book, saying, "The fact that the reader can choose his or her own experience is interesting because the true meaning of a book lies in the reader's own interpretation and the circumstances of that interpretation."

If you'd rather read it the old fashioned way, the printed version of The Death of Bunny Munro will hit stores on September 19 via HarperCollins Canada.