Nick Cave & Warren Ellis's 'Hell or High Water' Score Gets Soundtrack Release

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jul 12, 2016

Longtime musical partners Nick Cave and Warren Ellis brought more of their music to the big screen this year when they delivered the score to Jeff Bridges-starring heist film, Hell or High Water. You'll be able to bring the latest movie music collaboration from the Bad Seeds buddies next month when it gets an official soundtrack release.

While the work had previously been premiered on the film festival circuit, Cave and Ellis's Hell or High Water score gets its commercial release August 12 via Milan. The David McKenzie-directed flick receives its wider North American release to theatres that same day.

The soundtrack packages together nine original pieces from the duo, but also adds old songs from the likes of Townes Van Zandt and Waylon Jennings. Below, you'll find a full breakdown of the soundtrack, as well as a pair of violin-and-piano-manned, mood-setting streams from Cave and Ellis.

"What I love about Nick and Warren's film music is that it's epic and expansive without being grandiose," McKenzie explained in a statement. "For me as a filmmaker this hits a sweet spot where the score is able to have scale and emotion but not feel manipulative or overwhelming."

Hell or High Water is one of many Cave and Ellis's soundtrack projects to appear over the years. Other films to be scored by the pair include Loins Des Hommes, West of Memphis, Lawless, The Road and The Proposition.

In related news, Cave's Bad Seeds will deliver their next album, Skeleton Tree, on September 9. The music will be premiered at a film screening the night before.

Hell or High Water (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):

1. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis "Comancheria"
2. Townes Van Zandt "Dollar Bill Blues"
3. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis "Mama's Room"
4. Ray Wylie Hubbard "Dust of the Chase"
5. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis "Texas Midlands"
6. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis "Robbery"
7. Waylon Jennings "You Ask Me To"
8. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis "Mountain Lion Mean"
9. Colter Wall "Sleeping on the Backtop"
10. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis "From My Cold Dead Hands"
11. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis "Lord of the Plains"
12. Scott H. Biram "Blood, Sweat and Murder"
13. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis "Casino"
14. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis "Comancheria II"
15. Chris Stapleton "Outlaw State of Mind"

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