Nick Cave and Warren Ellis Announce Score for 'Loin Des Hommes'

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis Announce Score for 'Loin Des Hommes'
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have scored numerous films over the years, and now they're up to their usual tricks by releasing another one for the French movie Loin Des Hommes, known in English as Far from Men. The soundtrack arrives on May 19 through Goliath/Sony.

The film has already screened at a number of festivals, but its IMDB page lists only Ellis as the scorer and makes no mention of Cave. But now that Loin Des Hommes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) has formally been announced, we can see that Cave's name is indeed attached.

Cave said in a statement, "Very often a tension can happen between music and picture that is about chance and a kind of unknowingness that can be really amazing. Just by putting together two things that were created in isolation, music and film, suddenly something quite magical can happen."

Scroll past the tracklist below to watch a trailer featuring scenic film footage set to a moody ambient soundscape from Cave and Ellis. The soundtrack can be ordered digitally on iTunes or through Amazon on CD and vinyl.

The film will be released digitally on April 14 and will get a limited theatrical run on May 1. It was written and directed by David Oelhoffen and stars Viggo Mortensen as a teacher in an Algerian village during wartime.

Loin Des Hommes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):

1. Far from Men
2. The Teacher
3. Bloody Cheche
4. Dead Horse
5. Setting Out
6. Mountain Scramble
7. Dust Storm
8. Bandits
9. The March
10. Berzina
11. Farewell at Tinguit
12. No Class Today
13. Teacher's Farewell
14. Far from Men 2