A New Renaissance A New Renaissance

A New Renaissance’s first full-length album derives its inspirations from rock and hardcore. After touring with Raised Fist and Silverstein, those influences on the Gatineau, QC act are palpable. ANR stand on the boarder of screamo and post-hardcore. Many of the telltale signs are present, with the ubiquitous screams from vocalist Simon Marois and his vocal assistant/drummer Marc Frappier. "Veiled Coercion” bears significant resemblances to Grade, with metal aspirations coming from the guitars. "Passions Shared Are Distant Dreams” brings together ANR’s influences and turns the spotlight on. Using their rock/metal guitar work they incorporate harmonies and hardcore moments that could be breakdowns if they were strictly hardcore. Considering the genre of music and the numerous existing bands, A New Renaissance is an enjoyable throwback that doesn’t overuse the tools of their trade. It’s not nearly as impressive as poutine but miles ahead of eggs, baked beans, ham and bacon smothered in maple syrup. (Independent)