New Order Treat 'Movement' to "Definitive Edition" Box Set

The sprawling package comes loaded with demos, alternate takes and live performances
New Order Treat 'Movement' to 'Definitive Edition' Box Set
Being no stranger to expansive box sets, New Order have announced they will be expanding their classic 1981 debut album Movement for a new deluxe reissue.

Coming under the title of the Movement Definitive Edition, the sprawling box set will arrive on April 5 via Rhino.

The set comprises four discs. This includes original album on both vinyl and CD with the original Peter Saville artwork, as well as a bonus CD of unreleased demos and alternate takes, a DVD of live performances and a hardcover book. This is all housed in a big box featuring some newly commissioned artwork.

New Order will also be reissuing four 12-inch singles from the Movement era — "Ceremony (Version 1)," "Ceremony (Version 2)," "Everything's Gone Green" and "Temptation" — in their original sleeves starting March 8.

You can pre-order the set, as well as get more details, over here. There are various bundle options available, including some that include the box set and all the 12-inch reissues.

You can check out the new artwork for the box above, as well as the seriously large tracklist below.

Movement (Definitive Edition) Tracklist:

LP/CD 1:

1. Dreams Never End
2. Truth
3. Senses
4. Chosen Time
5. ICB
6. The Him
7. Doubts Even Here
8. Denial

CD 2:

1. Dreams Never End (Western Works Demo)
2. Homage (Western Works Demo)
3. Ceremony (Western Works Demo)
4. Truth (Western Works Demo)
5. Are You Ready For This? (Western Works Demo)
6. The Him (Cargo Demo)
7. Senses (Cargo Demo)
8. Truth (Cargo Demo)
9. Dreams Never End (Cargo Demo)
10. Mesh (Cargo Demo)
11. ICB (Cargo Demo)
12. Procession (Cargo Demo)
13. Cries And Whispers (Cargo Demo)
14. Doubts Even Here (Instrumental) (Cargo Demo)
15. Ceremony (1st Mix – Ceremony Sessions)
16. Temptation (Alternative 7″)
17. Procession (Rehearsal Recording)
18. Chosen Time (Rehearsal Recording)

New Order – Movement DVD:

Live Shows:

Hurrah's, NY 1980:

1. In A Lonely Place
2. Procession
3. Dreams Never End
4. Mesh
5. Truth
6. Cries & Whispers
7. Denial
8. Ceremony
Recorded on 27th September, 1980.
Produced, directed and filmed by Merrill Aldighieri

Peppermint Lounge, NY 1981:

1. In A Lonely Place
2. Dreams Never End
3. Chosen Time
4. ICB
5. Senses
6. Denial
7. Everything's Gone Green
8. Hurt – instrumental
9. Temptation

TV Sessions:

Granada Studios 1981

1. Doubts Even Here
2. The Him
3. Procession
4. Senses
5. Denial

BBC Riverside 1982

1. Temptation
2. Chosen Time
3. Procession
4. Hurt – instrumental
5. Senses
6. Denial
7. In A Lonely Place


1. Ceremony (CoManCHE Student Union 1981)
2. In A Lonely Place (Toronto 1981)
3. Temptation (Soul Kitchen, Newcastle 1982)
4. Hurt (Le Palace, Paris 1982)
5. Procession (Le Palace, Paris 1982)
6. Chosen Time (Pennies 1982)
7. Truth (The Haçienda 1983)
8. ICB (Minneapolis 1983)

12″ Singles:

"Ceremony (version 1)"
Recorded at Eastern Artists Recordings in East Orange, New Jersey during the US visit the previous September, New Order's first single might, in an alternative universe, have been Joy Division's next. The 12″ single, originally released in March 1981 (the 7″ having been released in January) including the original version of "Ceremony," will feature remastered audio on heavyweight vinyl.

Side 1:
"Ceremony (version 1)"
Side 2:
"In A Lonely Place"

"Ceremony (version 2)"
The alternative, re-recorded version of "Ceremony" now also featuring Gillian Gilbert in the band was released later in 1981 and will feature the later alternative 'cream' sleeve rather than the original green and copper. This 12″ will feature remastered audio on heavyweight vinyl.

Side 1:
"Ceremony (version 2)"
Side 2:
"In A Lonely Place"

"Everything's Gone Green"
Originally released on Factory Benelux in December 1981, this 12″ featured "Everything's Gone Green," which had previously been on the reverse of the band's second 7″ single "Procession" in September 1981, and "Cries And Whispers" and "Mesh" whose titles were flipped on the cover causing confusion amongst fans and compilers ever since. This 12″ will feature remastered audio on heavyweight vinyl.

Side 1:
"Everything's Gone Green"
Side 2:
"Cries And Whispers"

Featuring the full versions of both tracks this 12″ was first release in May 1982 and were the first self-produced released recordings. With "Temptation" being a cast iron New Order classic, this is an essential part of any New Order collection. This 12″ will feature remastered audio on heavyweight vinyl.

Side 1:
Side 2: