New Order "Singularity" (Liars remix)

New Order 'Singularity' (Liars remix)
It's been a great week for New Order fans. Following the band's performance of Music Complete standout "Singularity" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the track has now been transmogrified into a different kind of beast by Mute labelmates Liars.

The remix lands differently than the original, most noticeably with Stephen Morris's hi-hat-riding gallop being replaced by a gummy, halftime swerve. The guitars are downplayed a bit too, with Liars instead filling the piece with dive-bomb electronics and extra-glitchy ambiance. Bernard Sumner's vocals land just as beautiful and melancholy.

Suggesting there's clearly more than one way to interpret New Order's "Singularity," the remix can be found below.