New Order "Restless" (video)

New Order 'Restless' (video)
Mixing elements of The Sword in the Stone with some skin-revealing sloganeering is the new video for New Order's Music Complete single, "Restless." Can't wait to watch the colourful clip? Well, lucky for you, you can catch it online right away.

Scored by the English pop crew's previously premiered single, the vid plays plenty ritualistic. On display are a blood-letting ceremony, a snow-stricken show of strength between a bunch of shirtless try-hards, and one woman's multi-layered, cotton-soft messages to the flock.

You'll also see the coronation of some club kids, a regal but raunchy pizza party and more, these lining up with Bernard Sumner's materialism-skewering lines about fancy cars.

You'll find the sarcastic Arthurian display down below, while New Order's next album arrives in full September 25 through Mute.