New Jersey Prog Band 4:44 Named Their New EP 'JAY-Z'

The group are taking advantage of what they call a "shameless marketing technique"
New Jersey Prog Band 4:44 Named Their New EP 'JAY-Z'
Dreaming up a marketing plan behind a new release is no small task for artists of any stature, but what happens when an album from one of the biggest rappers alive happens to bear the name of of your own band?

New Jersey prog rock outfit 4:44 have simply titled their new EP JAY-Z, following JAY-Z's release of his own album titled 4:44. While the rapper claims the title comes from waking up at 4:44 a.m. to write the confessional title track, some also purport that the numerical title comes from a locale of particular importance.

The four-song release from 4:44 goes as far as to reinterpret Jigga's peach-coloured album art, changing the tagline to honestly admit, "This is a shameless marketing technique." You can take in their EP in the player below.

JAY-Z will be taking his own 4:44 on tour throughout North America later this year.