New Found Glory's Sound Never Changes, and 'Forever + Ever × Infinity' Is Them at Their Cheesy Best

New Found Glory's Sound Never Changes, and 'Forever + Ever × Infinity' Is Them at Their Cheesy Best
New Found Glory is one of the only pop-punk bands that has stuck with the same sound for over two decades — and it works. Their tenth studio album, Forever + Ever × Infinity, is one of their best yet. It has all the components of a tried and true NFG record: catchy singalong choruses, slightly cheesy lyrics, and amazing guitar riffs and breakdowns.

The album opens with "Shook by Your Shaved Head," a fast-paced track about a time one of the band members' crushed shaved her head. It takes listeners back to high school, when bumping into a pretty girl could make your whole week.

More songs about a crush that are even cuter are "Greatest of All Time" and "Trophy." These might be the sappiest tracks on the album, which is saying a lot, considering a good chunk of it is about new love. "Greatest of All Time" will probably end up on many wedding reception playlists.

Hands down, "Stay Awhile" is the best song on the album. Anyone who has made it through difficult patches in a relationship will 100 percent be able to relate. The main chorus lyric, "You like my sense of humour and I like the way you smile / Why don't you stay a while / Or maybe for a lifetime" will put a grin on the face of anyone who's found true love.

After a whole slew of happy songs, the album ends with "Slipping Away," a song about learning to let go. Even with the cool extended snare drum outro, it's kind of a downer. Then again, it's important for NFG to remind fans that sometimes, love doesn't work out, and that's okay.

Forever + Ever × Infinity will please both new and long-time NFG fans, and even people who just love cheesy pop-punk. If you love listening to fast-paced pop-punk songs about love, you'll definitely want to jam out to this summer. (Hopeless)