New Album By Toronto's Sacrifice To Get Released By Brazilian Label

New Album By Toronto's Sacrifice To Get Released By Brazilian Label
Why this isn't being put out on a Canadian label is beyond any self-respecting metalhead. However, once again, some other country finds incredible value in that which us Canucks are either too stupid or too self-conscious to accept as being pretty damned cool.

We're talking about how reunited thrash metal quartet Sacrifice have finally completed their new album, The Ones I Condemn. Slotted for release in mid-June, the album will be the first new Sacrifice music since 1992's Apocalypse Inside. Lucky for them, Brazilian label Marquee Records snapped up the rights to reproduce this sucker and will handle it worldwide.

As for the album, The Ones I Condemn was recorded at Toronto's Rouge Valley Studio with I Mother Earth/Sum 41 engineer Darius Szczepaniak. While not only featuring the original Sacrifice line-up of Rob Urbinati, Scott Watts, Joe Rico and Gus Pynn, the effort also boasts guests, including Strapping Young Lad/Zimmers Hole guitarist Jed Simon and Slaughter/Strappado's Dave Hewson lending vocals to "The Devil's Martyr."

Says Urbinati about The Ones I Condemn: "We began in late December and ended this week. Our final mix is now complete. Don't be deceived by the three-month time span. In reality, we didn't take much more studio time than we had in the past... it was just spread out a lot more. Everything went the way we planned and the final product exceeds the expectations that we came into the studio with."

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