Nevermen "Mr. Mistake" (Boards of Canada remix)

Nevermen 'Mr. Mistake' (Boards of Canada remix)
There's just a couple of weeks to go before Faith No More's Mike Patton, TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe and Doseone issue their self-titled debut album as Nevermen. With the release impending, they're plugging the set with an extracurricular remix of its "Mr. Mistake," which was crafted by electronic outfit Boards of Canada.

While the original piece juxtaposed a smooth swerve of sonics with various percussion ticks and the multi-layered vocal approach of the members of Nevermen, Boards of Canada make the piece quite airy. For the most part, the original's snare-smacking beat is absent.

Instead, the guests offer up a shimmering whirl of keyboard atmospherics, which complement the rich vocal melodies of Patton, Adebimpe and Doseone quite nicely.

You'll find the redo down below, while the Nevermen album drops January 29 via Ipecac.