Neurosis Deliver 'Honor Found in Decay' Artwork, Tracklisting

Neurosis Deliver 'Honor Found in Decay' Artwork, Tracklisting
Innovative Bay Area metal masters Neurosis recently announced the end of a five-year dry spell via news of their upcoming Honor Found in Decay LP. While the band previously teased the set with a couple of cryptic video clips, they've now gone and given us a whack of details, from the tracklisting down to its dirt-and-rubble-ravaged artwork, which you can see above.

A press release for the seven-song set, which drops October 30 via the group's Neurot Recordings, confirms that the band took to the studio yet again with esteemed producer Steve Albini behind the boards at his Electrical Audio studios in Chicago. This marks the fifth time the group have worked with Albini, who first jumped on board with the band for 1999's Times of Grace.

While this is the first record from the legendary unit since 2007's Given to the Rising, a recent interview with vocalist/guitarist Steve Von Till had the musician mentioning that it hasn't seemed like a half-decade's worth of inactivity to him.

"Maybe we deal with more of a glacial concept of time. For us it doesn't seem like that long. I mean, we've been together for 27 years now and [the album] just happened when it was right for it to happen; the whole Given to the Rising time period doesn't feel that long ago to me," he told The Quietus. "We don't have any kind of schedule hovering over us and it was a couple of years ago when we were finally like, 'Okay, it's time to start getting it together,' and that some of our seeds were starting to grow."

Honor Found in Decay:

1. We All Rage In Gold

2. At The Well

3. My Heart For Deliverance

4. Bleeding The Pigs

5. Casting Of The Ages

6. All Is Found... In Time

7. Raise The Dawn