Neil Young to Launch Pono Music Through Kickstarter

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 9, 2014

Neil Young has been talking about launching a high-quality digital music format for a couple of years, and now we've finally got the details of his Pono music player, which will be unveiled with a Kickstarter campaign starting on March 15.

A press release [via Computer Audiophile/Pitchfork] notes that the PonoMusic online store will "offer the finest quality, highest-resolution digital music from both major labels and prominent independent labels."

Of course, there's also a portable PonoPlayer to house the music. It has 128GB of memory and features an LCD touchscreen interface. It will cost $399 from, and discounted pre-orders will be available through Kickstarter. The PonoMusic store will also sell recommended earbuds and headphones.

"It's about the music, real music," Young said in a statement. "We want to move digital music into the 21st century and PonoMusic does that. We couldn't be more excited about bringing PonoMusic to the market."

Neil Young will be discussing Pono at SXSW on March 11.

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