Neil Young Gets His Mug Plastered on Supreme T-shirt

Neil Young Gets His Mug Plastered on Supreme T-shirt
When Neil Young recently called the vinyl revival a "fashion statement," we thought it was meant as a slight. That might not be the case, since the veteran rocker has apparently partnered up with clothing makers Supreme for a new campaign.

As Fader points out, the New York fashion house's spring/summer 2015 line includes a white T-shirt called, quite simply, "Neil Young Tee." As you can see up above, it features a giant photo on the front of a reasonably cranky looking Shakey, who himself is wearing a fashionable hat and layering a Supreme logo tee beneath blue and red flannel.

Other items being offered in the upcoming season include a Malcolm X hoodie, cotton work jackets saluting fast food chain White Castle, a red leather New York Yankees jacket and more.

The cost has not yet been revealed behind the "Neil Young Tee," but if it's anything like a Pono Player or its album pricing system, fans of the Crazy Horse leader may be ponying up some serious scratch if they want to wear the luxury T-shirt.

Neil Young for Supreme

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