Neil Perry Lineage

When I kick, I hope I’m remembered like Neil Perry. Lineage offers 40, count ’em, 40 tracks in almost 55 minutes to remember them by. And that’s not even counting the second half-hour-plus disc, loaded with live and band footage. What did they do to deserve this send off to Valhalla, or wherever aggressive bands go? Write and play some of the most violent and brief noisy hardcore with some melodic moments (say screamo again motherfucker and I’ll kill you!) of the last four years. Opening up with four new, unreleased tracks, Neil Perry combines broken vocals, long sardonic titles, harsh moments of heaviness and emotional melodies with a hefty dose of scathing noise, although some tracks are more melodic and some way more metal. Also, the further back we travel, the more abrasive, metallic and out of control it all becomes, showing their evolution in somewhat of a reverse order. Of course, 40 of anyone’s songs, no matter how brief, start to fly by in a caustic blur, but for anyone familiar with Neil Perry, this will help you get your eulogy on. (Level Plane)