Neil Halstead Contemplating Slowdive Reunion

Neil Halstead Contemplating Slowdive Reunion
With the exception of maybe the Smiths, it appears just about any band will consider a reunion at some point. With unlikely favourites such as My Bloody Valentine, Stone Roses and the tireless Pixies all burying the hatchet, it appears another cult favourite is just a few dollars away from joining in.

Slowdive, the much-cherished shoegaze act signed to Creation during the early '90s, is currently contemplating a return.

In an interview with MTV's Hive, ex-frontman Neil Halstead admitted, "There's a chance that we'll get back together." 

"It's definitely possible at some point," he added. "No one has ever really said, 'I never want to do it.' We've never really talked about it much."

Of course, this contradicts what Halstead told Exclaim! back in 2008, where he stated, "I just can't really see the point. It just doesn't appeal to me. I don't think it's something I would want to do. I think the fact that we did three records, there's a start, a middle and an end. I guess for the Valentines, if they make another record it makes sense to me. But if not, it is nostalgia and it's just about money. I'm not really into that…"

Turns out he is, however. Asked what it would take to get the reunion off the ground, Halstead answered with a laugh, "Just shitloads of money, you know. It's crazy how in vogue it is for bands to get back together these days. It's almost like you're not allowed not to get back together. So, I'm sure that we will get back together -- because we won't be allowed not to."

Seeing as he's currently on tour in China with his once dormant band Mojave 3, featuring ex-Slowdive members Rachel Goswell and Ian McCutcheon, this seems like a convincing first step.

"We haven't been in the same room together for a really long time," he said. "We're all in contact through email. We sort of have these email conversations and we're all friendly, but we haven't actually been together as the whole Slowdive unit in years, unfortunately."

Still, it appears shoegaze hasn't escaped him. In a recent web chat with fans, Halstead mentioned he's currently working on a new project called BHB, which he described as "a little shoegaze action going on there." He says there is an EP expected on Sonic Cathedral in January 2013 and a triple album "waiting to go."  

But before anything else, Halstead is set to release Palindrome Hunches, his third solo album via Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records/Universal Republic on September 11.