Negate The Dead Guy Palace

I think that anyone that’ll try and tell you that Europeans can play hardcore/noisecore better than Americans is either playing devil’s advocate in an attempt to get under your thick skin or is so dumb that you might want to check to see if their parents shared a room as kids. Sure, that’s a very generalised and sweeping statement, especially seeing as the continent has offered up excellent outfits such as Heaven Shall Burn and Knut. However, usually what happens is that a Euro band professing to play any sort of "enter prefix here”-core style usually ends up dropping a stack of weary and chugging death metal onto the listener. Look no further than this Belgian band for some of the worst of this example. Not only do they clumsily try to mesh metal and hardcore — sounding like a garage quality death metal band from upstate New York in the process — but there are a couple songs on this where it’s patently obvious that power metal still plays a big role in their lives. I’m not against any band that tries to meld a few disparate sounds into one another, unless they can’t do it. Negate can’t. (Voice of Life)