Needles//Pins Talk Debut Album

Needles//Pins Talk Debut Album
Last summer, we reported that peppy Vancouver garage pop trio Needles//Pins would be readying an LP to be released on budding Lethbridge, AB punk label Mammoth Cave Recording Co. A fair amount of time has passed since then, but the promise has kept true, as the band's debut LP 12:34 will be released via the imprint on June 1.

Speaking with Exclaim!, Needles//Pins frontman Adam Solomonian confirms he's eager to unleash the band's debut long-player, though he's quick to admit that they haven't turned into an overly serious band.

"I don't think much has changed really," he admits. "We started the band to hang out and have fun, and that's still the main goal really. We have been super fortunate to have met so many awesome people and gotten so many great opportunities. Really stoked on that."

One thing that has changed, however, was the recording process for the new album. While previous efforts were recorded by bassist Tony or Twin Crystals frontman Jesse Taylor at his Nite Prison studio, Needles//Pins used their debut LP as an excuse to branch out.

"People would always say, 'You gotta have a recording that is more like your live sound' or whatever," Solomonian says. "I love all of the things we recorded, I just wanted to try something different for the LP. So, we spent five days in Ladysmith, BC, with Jordan Koop [also from Twin Crystals] at his studio the Noise Floor. Super great time and I am stoked with what came out of it."

The resulting album is 11 tracks of hyped-up power pop that will fit in nicely with the rest of the Mammoth Cave roster. The band's involvement with the Alberta label stems from a growing friendship with owners Evan Van Reekum and Paul Lawton.

 "We first encountered those dudes through the Bloodstains Across BC comp they did. They asked us for a track, which was really cool for us. We recorded 'My Politics' and sent it to them, and they were really stoked and asked us about touring with the Moby Dicks, which they were both playing in."

 After touring the country with the Moby Dicks, the label eventually asked Needles//Pins to hand in a full-length. "It's a huge honour to work with those guys," Solomonian says.

Once 12:34 drops, Needles//Pins plan to tour Canada in June. From there, they're hoping to hit Europe in the fall and fit in a U.S. tour as well. With all these big plans, however, Solomonian doesn't want to lose sight of the band's original M.O. "The easiest part of being in the band is probably having fun. Hardest part is remembering to always have fun."

For now, two tracks from 12:34 can be streamed below. That's the album's cover above, and pre-orders will begin on May 1.


1. I Don't Mind
2. Cannot Get Enough
3. I Heart Drugs
4. Breadwinner Takes All
5. Green Eyed
6. Drop It
7. Shaker
8. Pulse
9. Makes Me Wanna
10. 12:34
11. Hale Bop