Needles//Pins Discography Treated to Tape Release

Needles//Pins Discography Treated to Tape Release
Vancouver trio Needles//Pins just released their debut LP 12:34 this year, but the rough-around-the-edges pop punk players are now having the bulk of their oeuvre presented on a new career-spanning cassette release.

Copies of the fittingly titled Pretty Much Everything So Far have just gone up for sale through boutique label Hosehead Records. The tape contains 21 tracks all together, including 12:34, their recent Getting on Home 7-inch, and an assortment of previously released tracks from other vinyl singles, split releases and compilations. It also includes live takes on signature tune "Drop It" and "Shaker."

If, by chance, you don't have a working tape player, note that the release also includes a download code, which actually makes this cheaper than purchasing any of that shiny vinyl. Sorry, waxheads.

You can get the detailed tracklisting down below.

Pretty Much Everything So Far:

1. I Don't Mind 

2. Best Friends 

3. I Heart Your Drugs
4. Breadwinner Takes All 

5. Greed Eyed 

6. Drop It 

7. Shaker 

8. Pulse 

9. Makes Me Wanna 

10. 12:34 

11. Hale Bop 

12. Getting On Home 

13. Picture My Face (Teenage Head)
14. Kalifornia Korner 

15. Counter Lip 

16. Tiny Little Tear 

17. Rabies Jump 

18. Armenian Christmas 

19. My Politics 

20. Drop It (Live) 

21. Shaker (Live)