Necrophagia Black Blood Vomitorium

For those of you who remember Necrophagia from the first time around (circa ’88), this is indeed the same band. While the early incarnation of the band was pretty much sub-standard American death metal, the newest line-up of the band is a wickedly evil four-piece who easily surpass their early output. Mixing Southern sludge guitar, à la Eyehategod and Crowbar (courtesy of newcomer Alistair Crowley, who is really Pantera’s Phil Anselmo) with old school death-style prodding, the quartet’s updated sound is a gas. Song such as “They Dwell Beneath” are wicked schlock filled romps that will appeal to fans of horror-based bands such as Mortician while still retaining enough old school edge that you don’t have to be a grindhead to enjoy it. (Red Stream)