Naw Terrain Vague

The latest release by Toronto’s Neil Adam Wiernik (aka Naw) is touted as "the Chicago-Berlin connection.” Part track-y Chicago-influenced jackin’ grooves, part dubbed-out Berlin style techno, there is an inherent looseness to these songs that is often missing in electronic music. Naw lets it flow on Terrain Vague, making a number of versions of one track that are tied together by similar sonic palettes and sequence programming but diverge from one another beyond those parameters. Consistent with Neil’s past work, Terrain Vague is sleek, cool techno with an artsy, minimalist edge that’s simultaneously as groovy and chin scratchin’ as it’s ever been. Rivers of’s label owner, graphic designer and musician Tomas Jirku provides the most dance-friendly track with his remix of "Birch Bark.” (Rivers of)