Napalm Death "Dear Slum Landlord" (video)

Napalm Death 'Dear Slum Landlord' (video)
Ahead of packing houses on their upcoming tour with the Melvins and Melt Banana, UK grind greats Napalm Death have delivered an animated and castigating video for their viciousĀ Apex Predator - Easy Meat track "Dear Slum Landlord."

LikeĀ the song it supports, the video is bleak and mixes shots of the group screaming, scraping strings and hitting the skins with animated scenes weighing in on human misery. There's a monstrous, money-minded figure looming large over housing projects at one point, with figures affected by his greed crumpling to the ground in horror.

"Being a very queasy and deliberately monotone kind of song, we felt simplicity was the key with the video for 'Dear Slum Landlord,'" vocalist Barney Greenway said in a statement, adding, "It's simple, desolate, black and white and just that little bit grim, befitting the subject matter of interconnected housing/labour exploitation which does its best to remain hidden from view."

Produced by Costin Chioreanu (Twilight Media) and Oliver Barth (Visions In Fear), the video can be found below.

As for Napalm Death's upcoming tour, the trek kicks off later this month and will hit Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver before wrapping up in May. You'll find the date details over here.