Namosh Moccatongue

There is something extremely sexual about Moccatongue. Ignoring Namosh’s lyrics about wanting "to do it to you on a Friday night” it is most affected by a seductive bass line to a pulse of scattered beats. The theme is prevalent throughout with minor adjustments to one-finger synth counter melodies, supplementary percussion and guitar twangs. That said, each track has a different groove to perversion and the versatility of Namosh’s vocal repertoire holds the album together and the few songs that lack that focus are the ones that struggle. Some of the singles have been already making waves like "Cold Cream,” which was Björk’s favourite track of 2005, or the nasal nonsensical jabbering of "The Pulse” that recently featured in a 2 Many DJs compilation for Mixmag. "Dear Diary” is the pick of the album with a noteworthy vocal contribution from Hisako and a filthy-cool bass rumble with West Side Story finger-snaps to match. (Bungalow)