Naked Intruder Moves into Chris Brown's Home, Spray Paints His Car

Naked Intruder Moves into Chris Brown's Home, Spray Paints His Car
Thanks to years of shitty behaviour, R&B dude Chris Brown has a lot of people who hate his guts. On the bright side, those who still call themselves fans are extremely passionate. Take, for example, a young woman who recently moved into his Los Angeles mansion while he was out of town.

As TMZ reports, a 21-year-old fan was recently arrested for felony burglary and felony vandalism when Brown came home from a trip to discover she had made herself at home.

In a story that strangely mirrors "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," Brown returned from a few days in Las Vegas to discover that someone had been eating his food and sleeping in his bed. Based on dishes in the sink, police wagered that the woman had lived there for a few days. She was found naked in Brown's bed, where she was cuffed and taken away.

In addition to lounging around and munching on some of Chris Brown's food, the woman did some graffiti. She spray painted "I LOVE YOU" on the kitchen counter and "MRS. BROWN" on the singer's Rolls Royce. Brown commented on the situation with a post on his Instagram.

Before we feel too bad for Mr. Brown, however, it's worth noting that he wasn't exactly on his best behaviour while out of town. According to various reports, he was arrested for alleged battery after a fight broke out in a public basketball court while he was in Vegas. Brown and his entourage were apparently playing outdoor basketball at 3:42 a.m.