Nakatomi Plaza Unsettled

Nakatomi Plaza’s Unsettled starts off with a rampage of slanted arrangements that are as intelligent and immediate as they are hard lined and melodic. It’s been a long wait for this album, due to the band’s unending desire for perfection, and in the end, Unsettled was mastered six times despite the delay it caused. But finally the record is here and it’s crisp, smart and kicking. The themes the album explores are as clever as the music, touching both on the personal and the political. Stylistically, Nakatomi Plaza explore diversity while holding tight to their own sound. "A Manifest Destiny Grows in Brooklyn” is a densely raw-boned excursion, while "Undefined” is a smoother, more melodic track that offers softer edges but still bares its teeth from time to time. Topical and purposeful, Unsettled is an urgent, throbbing album that is set on a foundation of ambition and structured around big sounds and bigger ideas. (Red Leader)