Nadja Explore Director Wong Kar-wai for Wist Rec.

Nadja Explore Director Wong Kar-wai for Wist Rec.
When Irish-Canadian imprint Wist Rec. announced its Wist Ed. series back in 2014, it promised that a release from Toronto drone duo Nadja was on the way. Now, a year and a half later, it's finally headed our way on November 10 in the form of Songs for Wong Kar-wai.

The Wist Ed. series consists of collections of songs inspired by a particular life or body of work. In the case of Nadja — a.k.a. Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff — they were inspired by the films of esteemed Honk Kong director Wong Kar-wai.

As is typical of Wist. Rec, this is a multimedia release in which music is presented along with visual/reading materials. This CD-R comes with a 20-page biographical zine containing poems by Baker and watercolours of stills from Wong's films. These were painted by Manfred Naescher and highlight the films Chunking Express (1994), In the Mood for Love (2000) and 2046 (2004).

The music consists of five tracks, with the whole thing clocking in at around 22 minutes in length. Scroll past the tracklist below to hear a three-minute sampler of the disorienting, occasionally stormy soundscapes.

The release is limited to 120 copies. Nadja will sell most of them during their European tour, but some copies will be available directly from Wist Rec.

See Nadja's European fall schedule here. Also note that, earlier this month, Baker shared an unreleased album called Sorry for What I Said to You in Your Dream — which was recorded back in 2005 — on his Bandcamp page.

Songs for Wong Kar-wai:

1. 2046 A

2. All Memories are Traces of Tears

3. Cop 223

4. Cop 663

5. 2046 B