Mystik Journeymen Magic

After participating in last year's Living Legends collective effort "Almost Famous," Bay Area cassette hucksters and globetrotters BFAP (aka Sunspot Jonz) and PSC have returned with their latest effort Magic. But the duo aren't trying to come off possessing unexplained mystical powers; on the contrary, their everyday personas are the group's most appealing and downright refreshing traits. With honest introspection, their meticulously crafted rhymes provide genuine insight into their lives, loves and struggles. The title track, with its admonishment of those trying to lead them astray from their chosen path, and "Truth" where they take aim at the government stance on legalised drugs alcohol and tobacco. Sunspot Jonz' production ably backs these rhymes favouring watery synths, lending a spacy and atmospheric feel. Highlights include the energy raising "Sweat" featuring Living Legends members The Grouch and MURS and "Jambalaya" with Me'shell N'dgeocello playing her slap-happy bass underneath an uptight guitar riff. The consistency of the record though also points to its weak link. The sonic similarity can on occasion lead to a drifting attention span and Magic could probably have done without a few tracks. Still, the verve and creative passion that has fuelled this group for the best part of a decade is still present, proving that you can't knock the hustle. (Outhouse)