Myrkur "Nattens Barn"

Myrkur 'Nattens Barn'
Relapse Records announced today (July 16) that it will be issuing Scandinavian artist Myrkur's eponymous debut EP on September 16. Until the record arrives in full, you can take in the murky, multi-chambered black metal mysticism of "Nattens Barn."

The track kicks off quite lovely, presenting a mellifluous and heavenly choral arrangement before Myrkur submerges the track in hellfire guitar work. The sonic journey further delivers sinister shrieks, mind-boggling blasts, an early '80s metal gallop before winding down with the decayed crackle of amp distortion.

According to a press release, the EP is influenced by scenic settings as much as by second wave black metal bands like Darkthrone.

"Nature is a big part of the reason black metal even exists," the Danish artist explained in a statement, adding poetically of her namesake, "The word 'Myrkur' means 'darkness' in Icelandic. The place where there are no boundaries, where no one can hurt me. And when I have sung the screams it physically hurts but it feels like something is leaving my body. I can't remember it afterwards."