Myles Sanko Just Being Me

Myles Sanko  Just Being Me
The only thing standing between London-based, French-Ghanaian talent Myles Sanko and international fame is a hit single. Meantime, he continues to produce top-shelf long-players that can fairly be described as timeless, such as his criminally underrated 2015 LP Born in Black & White.
His latest, Just Being Me, recalls Lou Rawls before "You'll Never Find," Mick Hucknall if he wasn't a ginger from Manchester. With gorgeous orchestration and sharp-as-a-tack songwriting, Sanko is a modern day musical sophisticate, breathing fresh life into sounds that wouldn't be out of place on a Stax label box set. In some respects, the inevitable comparisons to R&B greats don't do Sanko justice. Clearly his roots run deep, but he's no throwback; Just Being Me is easy listening for modern, discerning ears. Sanko belongs on your shelf, somewhere between Saint Etienne and Sly & the Family Stone. 
"I'm not perfect," confesses Sanko on the album's title track. Fair enough, but he's damned close. (Legere)