My Morning Jacket Treat 'The Tennessee Fire' to 20th Anniversary Reissue

The deluxe edition features 16 bonus tracks
My Morning Jacket Treat 'The Tennessee Fire' to 20th Anniversary Reissue
This past May marked 20 years since My Morning Jacket made their debut with The Tennessee Fire, and the band have now announced plans to mark the occasion with an expanded reissue of the 1999 album.

Arriving August 2 through Darla RecordsThe Tennessee Fire: Deluxe Edition features the original 16-track album alongside 16 additional previously unreleased and unheard tracks, demos, alternate versions and more.

You can find a complete breakdown of the expanded tracklisting below. The reissue is a available for pre-order as both 3-LP and 2-CD sets.

Frontman Jim James reflected on The Tennessee Fire in a statement as follows:

Wow. I cannot believe it has now been over 20 years since we recorded The Tennessee Fire on my cousin John's grandparents farm out in Shelbyville, KY in a little studio called "Above the Cadillac," says James. "What a life changing time that was for me — a cosmic door opening to a new universe, thanks to the generosity of family and the spirits of music and connection, I have been so lucky to encounter. We tried to do as many fucked up things as we could that we loved and hoped folks would enjoy. We laughed a lot and we cried some too, ha. We are so grateful and humble that people are still enjoying it so many years later, and we also really love playing these songs live still after all these years, ha ha ha. We offer our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has listened since the beginning/jumped on along the way, and all the new folks just hearing the music and getting into it. Much has changed and shifted over the years in the world of My Morning Jacket both on earth and in other realms, and I am so grateful to everyone who has ever been involved with the band on any level that helped it grow. I am grateful for the joy and thankful to have learned some things from the pain/disappointments that I hope will help in the future. Love is music, music is god, god is love, and I feel so blessed to be able to share this thing called music with so many wonderful souls both as a musician and as a listener myself. There is so much wonderful music out there. Peace and love.

In addition to the reissue, My Morning Jacket will commemorate the occasion with "My Morning Jacket Presents: A Tennessee Fire 20th Anniversary Celebration" — a one-night-only live event set for August 9 at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY, where the band will perform the album in its entirety, along with songs from that era. You can learn more about that here

My Morning Jacket last delivered The Waterfall in 2015.

The Tennessee Fire: Deluxe Edition:

1. Heartbreakin Man
2. They Ran
3. The Bear
4. Nashville to Kentucky
5. Old Sept Blues
6. If All Else Fails
7. It's About Twilight Now
8. Evelyn is Not Real
9. War Begun
10. Picture of You
11. I Will Be There When You Die
12. The Dark
13. By My Car
14. Butch Cassidy
15. I Think I'm Going to Hell
16. Untitled instrumental (Alabama Come Clean)

Bonus Tracks (on Vinyl LP 3 and CD Disc 2):

1. John Dyes Her Hair Red
2. Flew in on a Dead Horse
3. Yellow and Strobe
4. Lil Billy (Demo)
5. Evelyn is Not Real (First Version)
6. All This Joy Brings Different Feelings
7. Finger on the Frog
8. Gifts
9. Weeks Go by Like Days (Alternate Version)
10. Plasma Ball
11. Breathin' Afterbirth
12. Heartbreakin' Man (First Version)
13. I Think I'm Going to Hell (Two Meter Session)

Bonus Tracks (on CD Disc 2 and on Vinyl with download coupon):

1. If All Else Fails (First Version)
2. The Bear (First Version)
3. The Bear (Third Version)