My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult / Enzo X. Santiago Diamonds and Daggers

As their tour with Ministry unfolds, a couple of releases have made it to disc for these glamorously sexualised electro-rockers. With Diamonds and Daggers, a remix album helps bulk up their discography. Then again, this is not your typical remix album. Credited as the puppet master behind the manipulation of sound, Enzo X. Santiago has not just re-hashed TKK tracks, but offers a tribute to the group instead. The sexual nature of TKK is thrust forward here in 12 unique club tracks featuring samples from various releases. Fans expecting more of the same old TKK will be disappointed, as Santiago has really twisted things up. Diamonds and Daggers listens like one 60-plus-minute nightclub session, which works out well. The album also has a more refined sound than most TKK, drawing from a retro-’70s influence that does not just flirt with funk and disco beats — it embraces the shit out of them. Assuming this album gets any attention, the group will increase their fan base with this one. Go into this one with an open mind and you will see just how expansive TKK really are. (Rykodisc)