My Favorite Love At Absolute Zero

How do five people from New York capture a modern British new wave sound? My Favorite aren’t as energetic as the new wave from the ‘80s, which means it doesn’t have that candy flavouring. Some of the songs actually are little more serious than say Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” or “Rio,” although, “Lets Stay A Live” is pretty light and vocalist Michael Grace Jr. is as whiny as Morrissey. This makes some of the songs kind of depressing in a bad way, because this is the opposite of what new wave was about. He doesn’t even have a hard Noo Yoork accent when he’s singing. In fact, he is probably doing his damnedest to prevent it from slipping out. Their new wave sound is very modern and pop-ish, and might appeal to people who want more new wave. The album is snazzy with a carefree attitude, which is its ultimate appeal. None of the tracks stand out, although on a whole the album is pretty good. (Double Agent)