My Favorite The Kids Are All Wrong

New York's My Favorite are not concerned with speed. Their ten-year career has accumulated a mere scattering of releases (including one full-length album), but fortunately their quality control has been very, very high. The Kids Are All Wrong is the final instalment in the band's series of limited EPs, which takes the mythology of Joan of Arc as their theme. And this time round the theme is taken a little more literally than either of the other two CDs, but the music doesn't really offer any surprises if you've heard My Favorite before. This translates into music with a strong '80s influence and equal male and female vocals intertwining through some truly memorable tunes. And that's a good thing. They've even kept some of their best songs until last - the opening "Burning Hearts" might be the strongest melody from the entire project, and even the stirring closer, "The Lesser Saints‚" isn't just a last track throwaway that most EPs resort to. This is just as vital a release as everything else the band has recorded. Get it now, because it could be quite a while before My Favorite sees the light of day again. (Double Agent)