My Dying Bride

Feel the Misery

BY Greg PrattPublished Sep 16, 2015

Grumps My Dying Bride prove yet again that they are basically untouchable  with their strain of doom here on their 12th album (the first with returning guitarist Calvin Robertshaw). I do like when the band hit hard and heavy, which they make it clear they will do here on opener "And My Father Left Forever," a killer (and ten-minute-long, of course) opening cut. Second tune "To Shiver In Empty Halls" brings the death metal vocals, and they work, but are nowhere near as expressive as the sung vocals are.
Every one of the album's eight tracks is a delight, a true musical journey through terrain that's familiar, sure, but powerful nonetheless. This album definitely falls onto the heavier side of the band's catalogue, and it's done very well, the doom moving and powerful, the death elements reminiscent of '91 doom/death, which makes sense. But the quieter moments with violins and the big open spaces hit just as hard as the more traditional extreme death/doom parts. All told, there are no big surprises here, which is great: My Dying Bride rule at what they do, and this is a very well executed, classy, and moving doom album.

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