BY I. KhiderPublished Jul 1, 2001

Melt features posthumously released material by the late Bryan Jones, aka Muslimgauze. These tracks were formerly MP3s featured on one of the Muslimgauze web sites that have since been taken down and are now committed to a limited edition vinyl run by BSI Records. There are four tracks in total, two per side. "Rebiana Sand Sea" is a powerful bit of sequenced distorted percussion work with sampled Middle Eastern string arrangements. "You Have Limbs and Baksheesh" is a hard, deep funk, percussive track with raunchy oud played overtop. "Turn Left For Jabilaya" is also a deeply distorted, percussive track with no discernible Middle Eastern sound this time around. "Melt," the title track, has distorted beats as well but is joined with traditional North African rhythms. Melt is akin to another superb breaks album by Muslimgauze, Uzi Mahmood. This music is composed by one of the most eccentric, uncompromising and talented producers of the UK - Jones instilled an inspiring level of depth to his music. Hopefully, more archived material by Muslimgauze will be released in the future.

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