Murs & 9th Wonder ForNever

Murs & 9th Wonder ForNever
Murs and super-producer 9th Wonder are a notorious hip-hop duo that are great alone, but remarkable together. ForNever is the fourth project from the two and MC Murs calls it his favourite project to date. ForNever has a West coast feel through and through, which is perfect for the arrival of summertime. Ten tracks deep, it is as consistently varied as the rest of their previous work. "Asian Girl" is an obvious ode that parallels his earlier single "Dark Skinned White Girls," "Let Me Talk" is a relationship-heavy gem and the title track, featuring Kurupt, is the best track on the album. There isn't a single glitch on the production side; 9th Wonder continues to create smooth and refreshing beats that emphasize the jagged Murs flow. If you are already a fan of Murs, this album will make you happy. If you're about to take in ForNever for the first time, make sure to listen twice. And if you question the state of hip-hop, be proud of Murs for bringing it back, because Murs rules the world.

Does 9th Wonder make beats specifically for you?
I'm scared to ask him [laughs]. He comes to me with a handful of productions and I write three songs at a time. I really don't know if he has specific artists in mind when he produces and I think knowing may disrupt the creative process. He comes at me with clever topics though. "Asian Girl" was his idea.

Are you really going to release ten albums this year?
Unfortunately my laptop was stolen with an entire album of beats and lyrics. But besides that one project, I want to do a rock album, another hip-hop album and an electro album. There will be more. I think my laptop being stolen made me think of even more ideas to release.

What's the album highlight for you?
"Vikki Veil" [laughs]. I know it's about dating porn stars and that it is my wife's least favourite song, but it's still so real.

"Dark Skinned White Girls" or "Asian Girl," which is the better song?
[Laughs] "Dark Skinned White Girls" didn't get me nearly as much controversy as "Asian Girl." I don't know why that is. I love them both. (Independent)