Muneshine "In Transit" (ft. Jenn Grant) (video)

Muneshine 'In Transit' (ft. Jenn Grant) (video)
Fittingly enough for a song called "In Transit," the new video for the title track to Muneshine's album of the same name finds a number of people making their way around town by land, sea and air.

Presented as a day in the life of several Toronto residents, the Adam Azimov-directed video has Muneshine's locally-minded bars scoring the sight of pilots flying high, a couple yachters making their way across the water, skateboarders grinding it out on the pavement, and a dancer balancing her way through a routine. Muneshine pops up as well, but he's just one of a cast of many that make up the Hogtown-celebrating hip-hop video.

You can catch them all "In Transit" down below.