Multiplex Iroquois

IDM duo Christian and Roland Dormon (aka Multiplex) creates quirky robot music with cleverly engineered synthesiser notes, electro-breaks and atmospheric sweeps to ensure the smooth operation of this inherently complex machine. The music of Multiplex is reminiscent of Arovane, Phonem and early Autechre, but is catchier. Multiplex also has its own distinct voice, often like a robot on the verge of a short-circuit, due to the way the Dormon's constantly push the envelope, likely asking themselves, "How intricate can we go?" Iroquois is detailed and busy to the point of being almost convoluted, yet the 15 tracks on this debut release stand out as the summit of achievement for Multiplex thus far. However, three tracks, "Iroquois," "Angles" and "V.22," stand out as among the best IDM heard this year. "Iroquois" opens up slowly with atmospheric sounds then bounces with well-timed synthesiser bleeps and breaks, dancing with the musical breaks. "Angles" is excellent, with the breaks complementing the melody, yet it is in this song that an interesting dualism of upbeat and melancholic moods is interplayed. "V.22" is more breaks-oriented, less atmospheric, but more catchy. Iroquois also features remixes by fellow IDM bleepsters Ob, Guy James and the Blameshifter. (Pie Head)