Mudkids Basementality

While they say it about books, the ruling isn’t in yet on CDs, so let’s get my only real complaint out of the way: you got to man up on the album cover design, fellas. While I like the old eight-bit videogame thing, it makes it all look a bit dime store and this, their fourth album, is much better than that. Like some lost Living Legends shit, this is a seriously impressive piece of work from this Indianapolis outfit, all the way through, from DJ Elp Mass’s beats to the lyrics of Choc Sorreal. Highlights include "Basically... The Intro,” where Choc drops the dope/whack dichotomy right in your lap and lets you know that these are your kind of people. "Foresight” is laidback quality and "Rock N' Roll, Pt. 1” featuring their homeboy Skittz is what you hoped it might be — some nice drums and tough-ass guitars. No joke, there’s pretty much no filler. Having been around since 1997, frankly, I have no idea why these cats aren’t bigger. It’s not because of the music. Must be that cover. (Crush Entertainment/Recordhead)