Mud Sun Mud Sun

Given the rap duo’s heritage — Vancouver and England — Mud Sun has an interesting sound. Canadian Baba Brinkman, known for his Edinburgh Festival hit The Rap Canterbury Tales, raps with a proper meet-my-mother enunciation, while Dizraeli (a Slam champion) has a raw English drawl. Baba packs a mouthful into each bar, sometimes off-beat (a fact he pokes fun at on "Tongue N Groove”), while Dizraeli slurs each word to fit the beat snugly. But despite their differences, Mud Sun complement each other well. What flaws each has the other improves upon. With much to say, either blatantly or tongue-in-cheek, about the war on terror, this five-track EP is the beginning of a strong voice in revolutionary rap music. (Lit Fuse)