Muck and the Myers All Mucked Up

Muck and the Myers, out of the Boston area, are a modern band who play early Beatles/Dave Clark 5-style ‘60s beat music, complete with the jangly Rickenbacker guitars, black turtlenecks and bowl cuts. When people used to think of a garage band, this is what they thought of, with little punk or modern influence in the sound. The songs are super short, as they tended to be back in the ’50s and early ’60s, all clocking in under the three minute mark, and more than half coming in under two minutes. Most of the songs are upbeat party jams, like on the kick-off track, "A Little Twist,” but they do slow things down on occasion, as on the contemplative "If You Knew.” The singing and overall playing is pretty spot-on here, but the recording is very modern-sounding, which kind of takes a lot of the fun out of the retro party these guys are trying to get started. (Amp)