Mr. Oizo Moustache (Half a Scissor)

You might have thought that Mr. Oizo might have calmed down a little in the last five years since he released his brilliant Analog Worms Attack debut, but on the contrary. It seems as though this French producer has decided to maintain his desire for making your ears hurt with his knack for finding the right tones to make your dog go mad, but it’s not done nearly as well on here as he did back in Levi’s advert days. Moustache actually sounds like Oizo just recording himself playing Golden Axe or the Legend of Zelda as most of the beats sound identical to video game theme music — albeit really demented and constantly mangled video game music. His previous work, though without a doubt electronic based, had more organic samples and actually rhythm to it buried amongst his madness, but there’s no human touch to this outing and seldom a proper beat that anyone would actually care to dance to. The fact that Moustache sounds like something some producers could churn out in two hours is disappointing, especially after a long wait, but maybe the diehards will love it and the scenesters will embrace it. It would be easy to call this Oizo’s commercial suicide if it wasn’t for the fact "Flat Beat” came out in 1999. (Mute)