Mr. Len The Exclaim! Questionnaire

Mr. Len The Exclaim! Questionnaire
Mr. Len is the former DJ for Queens, New York hip-hop collective Company Flow. His debut solo effort Pity the Fool is out now on Matador Records.

Current fixations:

My girlfriend's breasts and NBA Street for PS2.

Mind-altering work of art:

Blazing Saddles.

Most memorable or inspirational gig and why?

P-Funk All Stars in Central Jersey. Need I explain?

What has been your career high and low?

High: Performing in Madison Square Garden.

Low: Falling off stage in Australia.

What should everyone shut up about?


I would drop everything to play a benefit for:

Victims of the WTC attack.

What trait do you like and dislike most about yourself?

Like: Dedication.

Dislike: Self Isolation.

What would make you kick someone out of your band and/or bed, and have you?

Talking too much. Hell yes I've ejected women from the bed for yappin'!

When I think of Canada I think:

Weed. Comedians. Neutral.

What is your vital daily ritual?


How do you spoil yourself?

Doing absolutely nothing.

What was your most memorable day job?

Working in the dub room at Jive Records (pre Backstreet days).

If I wasn't playing music I would be:

Writing erotic trash novels that all end like [the answer to kicking people out of bed question].

What is your greatest fear?


If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Flight. Typical ain't it? At least I won't have to make the decision between beef with strange sauce or chicken with strange sauce.

What makes you want to take it off and get it on?

When she takes it off and says "Now!" (After that she should shut up.)

Music and sex: Is there a difference? Why?

Music is for the masses. I can only handle three at a time! (As long as they're not yappin.)

Strangest brush with celebrity:

I met Lloyd Bridges at a Denny's in Virginia during a hurricane.

Who would be your ideal dinner guest, living or dead, and what would you serve them?

Prince. Pizza.

What does your mom wish you were doing instead?

DJing for DMX. She's such a fan.