Mr. Blobby Covering "Wonderwall" Is Your New Sleep Paralysis Demon

We're sure the Gallagher brothers are thrilled

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Dec 8, 2023

As Canadians, we always claim to be perplexed by the British even though they still kind of own our asses. Not only is cheating Charles our monarch too, but the Brits seemingly have their answer to whether Polkaroo had an illegitimate child with a North American house hippo.

Enter Mr. Blobby, a flesh-pink, clown-like character with bulging green eyes and covered in yellow polka-dots, who only communicates by saying the word "blobby." He's allegedly been a comedic staple across the pond since appearing in the '90s late-night variety show Noel's House Party, and now he finds himself connected to another Noel.

Of course, Mr. Blobby is musically inclined, and he's shared his talents by posting a cover of one of England's most famous exports: "Wonderwall" by Oasis. Playing a pink polka-dotted guitar for BBC Radio 2, he sings the melody of "Wonderblob" as his distorted blobby-blobby-blobs emulate an anonymous source in a crime documentary. 

We're sure one of the Gallaghers will start a mard with Mr. Blobby over this (we're on his side, for what it's worth), but until then, find another reason to lose sleep below.
@bbcradio2 Mr Blobby 🤝 @Oasis What do you think of Blobby's version of 'Wonderwall'? #MrBlobby #90s #nationalalbumday #oasis #wonderwall #bbcradio2 #liveperformance ♬ original sound - bbcradio2

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