Mr. Anonymous Mr. Anonymous 2

As a follow-up to his initial experimental foray into a Jamaican dancehall landscape, reportedly in need of a new approach, producer/musician Mr. Anonymous returns to the well for a second collection of wispy, ambient lounge rock garnished with rapid-fire reggae chatting. The idea of taking respected dancehall artists (among them Sly & Robbie, the Pinchers and Mega Banton) into a studio to spit unrehearsed freestyle diatribes over a breezy, slightly psychedelic sound bed played entirely by the multi-instrumentalist seems rather interesting when read off a sell sheet. On record, however, the conflicting styles don't entirely make for the best fit, as many of Anonymous's productions, though functioning rather well as relaxing, unobtrusive background grooves, unfortunately work to completely sterilize the impassioned vocals. The harder-edged drums and staggered, pulsing bass tones of "Be Honest" provide one of the more pleasant exceptions, as do the two near-house versions of "Chi Widdley Bup." But for the most part, the invited guests have little in common with the flavour of sonic bliss Anonymous is trying to sell. (Black Bridge)