The Movement Historical Fiction

[SA] Occasionally a record will come along that will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling all over, like a really good hug. The Movement [SA]’s Historical Fiction does just that. They play music in the vein of Discount, Fifth Hour Hero and Defiance Ohio: male/female vocals, personal/political lyrics with a vaguely anarchistic slant and music that’s sloppy enough to feel immediate but tight enough to not sound like crap. The standout feature of this disc is definitely the vocals. Guitarists Lauren Measure and Mike Regrets split the duties, each singing half the songs. Measure’s voice falls dead centre between Discount’s Alison Mosshart and Fifth Hour Hero’s Genevieve Tremblay, while Regret’s sound like a drunken Frankie Stubbs impression. What the Measure [SA] excel at is combining disparate elements and making them work. The songs on Historical Fiction are personal without being alienating, political without being preachy and heartfelt without being cheesy. (Team Science)