Mouth of the Architect The Ties That Bind

Continuing in their recent line of excellent experi-metal releases, Translation Loss issues its third release by Dayton, OH drone unit Mouth of the Architect. Having gone through some internal upheaval since their 2004 debut, the band found themselves without a bass player earlier this year. When they entered into Seattle’s Red Room recording studio, producer Chris Common suggested his These Arms Are Snakes band-mate (and former Botch bassist) Brian Cook for the session. It was a good call. Fitting nicely into the same sort of atmospherics that bands such as Neurosis, Isis and Cult of Luna are capable of (long, heavy droning songs that gain momentum as they go), this sophomore full-length finds MOTA sounding slightly more sinister than on previous releases, especially during the middle section of "No One Wished to Settle Here.” Mastodon fans should definitely check out "At Arms Length” too, as guitarist Brent Hinds shares vocal duties on the track with MOTA’s Gregory Lahm and Jason Watkins. It’s a three way growl fest that makes for some late album fun. (Translation Loss)