Mouse On Mars Rost Pocks – The EP Collection

A rumoured favourite of the Boss, Tony Danza, Dusseldorf, Germany’s Mouse On Mars (aka Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner) have been pushing the boundaries of electronic music for over a decade now. With seven albums under their belt, the duo has also released a string of harder-to-find EPs, whose prime content is now available on this handy compilation. Cheekily titled Rost Pocks contains highlights from four early EPs, as well as tracks from the Saturday Night Worldcup Fieber 12-inch and a rare Euro electronica compilation. Showing the diversity of their sound, Rost Pocks is like a history lesson in Mouse On Mars. Featuring contributions by Laetitia Sadier (on three tracks) and the late Mary Hansen of Stereolab, 15 tracks show Mouse On Mars’ incredible ability to construct futuristic pop music siphoned through the latest modern equipment. This long-awaited release is a must for all fans and a great starting point for those keen on getting into this mid boggling wonder. (Too Pure)