Mouse on Mars Are Diving Deep into AI with Their New Album 'AAI'

Hear the record's newly shared "Artificial Authentic"
Mouse on Mars Are Diving Deep into AI with Their New Album 'AAI'
Mouse on Mars are getting ready to give us their first new album since 2017, and today they are showing it off some via a new track. ICYMI the Berlin-based duo of Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma are set to release AAI (Anarchic Artificial Intelligence on February 26 via Thrill Jockey, and you can now hear its newly shared "Artificial Authentic."

AAI (Anarchic Artificial Intelligence) marks the first Mouse on Mars album since 2017's Dimensional People, and as you could likely tell from that title, the upcoming record promises to explore "artificial intelligence as both a narrative framework and compositional tool, summoning their most explicitly science-fiction work to date."

In a statement, Werner explained: "AI is capable of developing qualities that we attach to humans, like empathy, imperfection and distraction, which are a big part of creativity. We need to get past the old paranoia that fears machines as the other, as competitors who will do things faster or better, because that just keeps us stuck in our selfishness, fear and xenophobia. Machines can open up new concepts of life, and expand our definitions of being human." 

To check out how that actually sounds, you can hear "Artificial Authentic" below, where you'll also find the previously shared album track "The Latent Space."


1. Engineering Systems
2. The Latent Space
3. Speech and Ambulation
4. Thousand To One
5. Walking And Talking
6. Youmachine
7. Doublekeyrock
8. Machine Rights
9. Go Tick
10. The Fear Of Machines
11. Artificial Authentic
12. Machine Perspective
13. Cut That Fishernet
14. Tools Use Tools
15. Loose Tools
16. Seven Months
17. Paymig
18. Borrow Signs
19. New Definitions
20. New Life Always Announces Itself Through Sound